Top Rail Sleeve Galvanized

Size: 1-3/8"
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Rail Sleeves For Chain Link Fencing


Rail Sleeves, also known as tube couplers, are used to connect two pieces of top rail tubing. They are most commonly used on chain link fences that have pipe running horizontally on the top of the fence, parallel to the ground; a fence with horizontal pipe is said to have a, "top rail." Top Rail Chain Link Fencing often uses a 1 3/8" or 1 5/8" diameter piece of tubing, although it is not uncommon for a larger diameter pipe to be used in high security, heavy duty, and other rigid applications.

Rail Sleeves are made of a galvanized steel that has been formed to fit around the pipes it joins together. Each Sleeve is crimped right in the center of the sleeve to create equal dispersion of strain onto the pieces it is joining together. There is no additional bolts, screws, or accessories needed to secure the rail sleeve to the two joining pieces, as each piece of pipe is usually connected to an end post by use of a Rail End and Brace Band

Product Features:

    • Material: Galvanized Pressed Steel
    • Rust Resistant Coating: YES, Hot Dip Galvanized ZINC
    • Fits: 1-3/8inch, 1-5/8inch, or 1-7/8inch round pipe (outside diameter)


Example Of Chain Link Fence With Top Rail

Top Rail Chain Link Fence Black Poly Coated

Above Photos: The top rail is the horizontal pipe that runs parallel to the ground and mounts to each vertical fence post at a perpendicular angle; the fence in the above photo is black coated over galvanized.

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They were very sloppy fit on 1 5/8 pipe so I had to put a screw in them to keep them tight and so they would not sag

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