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Chain Link Fittings and Parts

A collection of fork latches, pad lockable locks, slide bolts, push bars, panic assemblies, lever handles, mechanical punch code, and other latches / locks designed to mount on a round pipe or tubular chain link gate frame or post.  Fence fittings, parts, accessories, and related metal fencing items. These include -brace bands & tension bands, fence ties, post caps, hinges, fork latches, and all other related chain link fittings. Multiple colors are available. All products include hot dip galvanized over steel. Additional coating, extrusion, or fuse-bonding, is applied on our colored items, with black and green being the most popular.      


The Original Fence Stretching Tool Puljak USA manufactures chain-link fence tensioning tools designed for professionals. Each Puljak tools is proudly made in the USA and built from some of the heaviest duty machine grade steel. 


Fence Tools designed for Chain-Link fence stretching, installation, barbed wire, wire cutting, fabrication, welding, mounting, tying, and setting. Choose from a wide selection of tools ranging from premium to generic.