Shut-It's Baby Bad Ass Hinge Kit

CI3600 Baby Bad Ass Gate Hinges, Weldable

Make and Model: Shut-It, Baby Bad Ass (weld-on) Hinge Kit

Model #CI3600

Baby Bad Ass Gate Hinge KIT by Shut-It Gate-Hardware is a one of a kind hinge kit. Most often is is found welded between a gate and mounting post. Unconventional uses for the hinges are common with these adaptable hinges.
The compact design boasts a BIG weight load rating, 500LBS big (thats big!). Shut-It achieved this heavy duty weight rating by using Sealed Bearings in each Hinge Kit. Sealed Bearing Hinges are maintenance free. To top it all off, each hinge is under warranty for life! The warranty from Shut-It Manufacturing, a DD Technology Company, is a limited warranty (available below)


Unboxing SHUT-IT GATE HARDWARE's CI3600 Baby BadAss Gate Hinges