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D&D TruClose Regular Hinge Standard - TCA1S3BT

D&D TruClose Regular Hinge Standard - TCA1S3BT

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DD TruClose Regular Hinge Standard - TCA1S3BT


TruClose Safety Gate Hinges are the world's leading child safety gate hinges. These polymer hinges were created to eliminate all the problems associated with most gate hinges – rust, sagging, binding and staining. The polymers and a stainless-steel closing springs deliver hinges designed to last a lifetime. TruClose hinges are ideal for child safety gates around swimming pools*, childcare centers, schools, homes, playgrounds and hotels/resorts. TruClose REGULAR hinge models are great for most square-posted gates weighing up to 66lbs. Quick and easy installation and easy to adjust for self-closing speed.

* When installing TruClose® hinges to a swimming pool gate always confirm any safety requirements with your local Council or safety authorities to ensure compliance.

Key Features:

  • A self-closing hinge that is able to be adjusted for both weight and closing speed.
  • Tension adjusts from either end
  • Self-closing
  • No visible fasteners
  • Warranty: YES


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