Tension Wire

Length: 250 Ft
Sale price$86.99


Coil of Galvanized Spring Tensioning Wire


Spring Tension Wire comes bound in a circular coil with lengths available in 250, 500, and 1000 Linear Feet. These are most often mounted between two posts and positioned at the bottom or top of each post. Once the wire is tensioned, stretched, between two posts it allows for chain link material to be secured. NOTE for jobs with multiple grade changes, curves, or corners, it is best to run several lengths of tensions wire; it is ideal to mount the wire in straight line sections.

Most often a hog ring is used to secure the chain link wire mesh fence to the top or bottom tension wire. Hog rings are pieces of metal shaped in a "C" and crimp closed to finish in the form of a triangle. The middle of the "C" or triangle is large enough to wrap around most cable (+ - 1/4"), chain link, or wire. Hog rings are available in multiple thicknesses. The thicker the hog ring, the more difficult it is to remove.

Once the first part of chain link is secured to the top or bottom wire of the tension wire via a hog ring, the wire material can be stretched the entire length of the tension wire. As the chain link is stretched the length, a hog ring is used to secure the fence to the horizontal wire(s) every 12" to 18". The hog rings help to keep the fence properly aligned as it remains stood up in place. NOTE, additional hog ring connection points can be added easily once the fence is finished and set under tension, it is better to mount less hog rings now and added all additional rings after. 


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