SHUT IT CI3620 Rusted Baby BadAss Hinge

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CI3620 Rusted Baby BadAss Hinge


SHUT-IT's Baby BadAss Rusted Hinge is weld on gate hinge for small to mid sized steel gates that feature a rust petina or rustic finish. The CI3620 is almost identical to the CI3600 Baby BadAss Hinge, less the Zinc coating. Hinges are adjustable to fit various gate gaps, minimum opening to mount hinge is 2.5inches and maximum gap is 3inches. Baby BadAss Gate hinges have a 300LB Maximum Gate Weight Capacity.  

Key Product Specifications: 

  • Sealed Bearings: YES
  • Weld-on Installation: YES
  • Finished Coating: Rusted/uncoated 
  • Adjustable: YES, 2.5"-3.0" 
  • Material Component: Steel
  • Warranty: YES 


Product Data Sheet

Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty