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Puljak WRT WorkHead Rebuild Tool Kit

Puljak WRT WorkHead Rebuild Tool Kit

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Pul Jak Work Head Rebuild Tool Kit

MFG Part# P-122

Includes the main tools needed when replacing the cams & springs on a Puljak.


  • -Spring Compressor Pliers
  • -Trigger Cam Spring Compressor
  • -Small Cam Spring Compressor

Basic Overview on How-to Rebuild Puljak Working Head :

  1. Compress Small Cam
  2. Remove Small Cam (Twist and pull out)
  3. Remove Trigger Cam (Twist and pull out)
  4. Remove front & back spring
  5. Compress replacement spring with spring compression pliers and insert new spring into both front and back of CAM
  6. Loosen Small Cam Spring
  7. Insert Small Cam
  8. Compress new spring
  9. Insert Trigger Cam
  10. Done & test!



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