Locinox Ultra Heavy Duty 180 Degrees Hydraulic Mammoth Gate Closer

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This heavy-duty gate closer and hinge-in-one is fit to close the heaviest gates. The combination of the hydraulically damped Mammoth with the powerful self-closing Raptor hinge is the perfect solution for closing gates weighing up to 440 lbs and 6-1/2 ft. wide. Both hinges are equipped with double bearings for extremely smooth functioning. The Active Thermal System guarantees a constant closing speed, unaffected by weather conditions. The Raptor hinge is included.

High performance mammoth-180 Gate Closer from Locinox combines the functionality of a hydraulic gate closer with a double-bearing hinge; meaning this is built with a, "set it and forget it," installation model.

Installation is designed to be straight forward and easy to understand, including templates, self securing screws, and plastic finish caps (to hide any mistakes!).

Overall this is an incredible hinge that will satisfy self closing hydraulic hinge needs. A highlighted feature is its ability to snap into a final closed and secure position, regardless of the adjusted close speed.

Note, The Mammoth is highly adjustable, allowing users to customize the force, speed, and final snap of the hinge. This closer-hinge combination is arguable one of the best on the market! 

*Designed for gates weighing up to 440 lb.

Key Features

  • 180° self-closing double bearing hinge with adjustable closing speed and final snap
  • Robust yet stylish design with high quality components
  • Weatherproof aluminum housing designed for exterior use
  • Consistent closing speed thanks to patented hydraulic damping
  • ADA compliant (< 5 lbs; max 32 Nm) from gate widths of 4.4ft. or more
  • Vandal and tamper proof
  • For left and right handed gates
  • Fast and easy installation with Quick-Fix


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Jeff Crabtree

Great , love them

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