Industrial Gate Hinges

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Gate Hinge - Industrial 180 Galvanized Heavy Duty


Chain Link Gate Pin Hinges for Industrial applications. 180 Degree Pin Hinges mount to a gate frame and gate post. U-bolts are included and used to mount around the gate frame and post. Each hinge is adjustable to fit gate frames 1-1/2" to 2" in diameter. The U-bolt on the post mounting side is determined by the size of the post. When installing these hinges you will need a gap between the post and gate frame with a minimum of 2" inches is required, although the gap can be adjusted by pivoting the hinges. The 180 degree feature on these hinges allows for a gate to be opened in a 180 degree range of motion. Most often these hinges are used for Schools, Sport Fields, Tennis Courts, Server Rooms, and other high use and heavy duty applications. 

Key Product Features:

  • Minimum Gate Gap: 2" approximately (adjustable)
  • Mounts To Gate Frame Sizes: 1-1/2" to 2" 
  • U-Bolts Included: YES
  • Rust Resistant Coating: YES 
  • Protective Coating: Zinc, Hot Dip Galvanized