Hog Ring Pliers

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8" Notched Hog Ring Plier

Designed for fastening hog rings ("C" shaped pieces of metal wire). This longer pair of hog ring pliers measures in at 8 inches in length, making it easy to pull in & out of a pouch or pocket. The adjustable stop is helpful for those installing windscreen, repair wire, or any other extensive hog ring application. In addition, the spring assisted open helps get each hog ring fastened and out of the way - no wasted time trying to pull open pliers after a strong close. 

Highlighted Features:

  • 8" Length
  • Compatible with 12, 11, 10, & 9 gauge hog rings
  • Adjustable stop
  • Spring assisted open
  • Made of Forged Steel
  • Riveted head


Do I need hog ring pliers to close hog rings? 

Yes, because hog ring pliers have a specific notch set in the top and bottom of the plier jaws. The hog rings fit into this notch. Once placed inside the notched groove the hog ring can easily be placed at the point of desire and closed secure.

Can regular pliers close hog rings?

Maybe 1 or 2 consistently, but it will take several tries of placement with the hog ring before any success of actually placing and closing down on the hog ring.

IN SUMMARY: Yes, if you only have a few to do - but be careful & patient!

(Ps. without a hog ringer, you will swear - share your feedback with us, misery loves company!)

Customer Reviews

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Gene Breyette
Excellent Hog Ring Pliers

Bought an expensive hog ring pliers from Graingers and they couldn’t collapse the heavy hog rings. So I bought these from Fence Supply for about $30 cheaper than Graingers. They’re much beefier and they easily crimped the heavier duty rings. Very satisfied.

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