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Gripple Tensioner Tool - Contractor (Metal)

Gripple Tensioner Tool - Contractor (Metal)

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Contractor Metal Gripple Tensioning Tool


Gripple's Contractor All Metal Tensioning Tool is a heavy duty and easy to use tension machine. It features a higher gear ratio, longer handles, and an all metal assembly that none of its other tools can compare. Gripple designed the Contractor's Tool to be exactly that a professional and heavy duty tool for fencing professionals. 

Key Product Features: 

  • All Metal (Heavy Duty)
  • Extra Wide Cam Tensioner 
  • Long Handles (High Leverage)
  • Gripple Flag Key Holder
  • Gripple Flag Key (Included)
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Customer Reviews

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Brett H.
Gribble speed brace with contractor tensioning tool

I love Gripple items. They are great time savers. The Gripple Contractor tension tool is a great tool to speed up tying braces. I tied 10 braces in less than an hour. Once drawback is the ridges on the cam bite into the cable. The ridges are there to grab the cable, but they are sharp and cut the cable fibers on the last tensioning. I assume this will work better on smooth wire but I haven't tried this yet.