Fence Ties Galvanized

Length: 6 1/2"
Gauge: 12 GA
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Chain Link Fence Ties, Bag (x100)


Galvanized steel fence ties are used in securing chain link fabric to the framework of a chain link fence (vertical line posts, horizontal top rail, and gate framework). Ties are critical in cyclone fencing because they mount the fabric in place, making sure no one can push through the fence or pull-up the bottom/top of the fencing fabric. 

Quick Overview - How To Install A Fence Tie:

Hooking the end of the fence tie onto the top or bottom of the chain link fence by using fencing pliers, wrap the tie around the fence posts, top rail, or framework, and twist the long end of the tie around the other side of the chain link fence mesh - finishing in a "C" shape.

How many fence ties do I need?

It is common practice to use 1 fence tie every 12-18". (i.e. if you have 150 ft. of chain link fence, you would use 100-150 fence ties.)

How to Select the correct Gauge & Length

There are various lengths and gauges to choose from when selecting the right fence ties for your application. The following Gauge & Size Charts act as a general guide for most common fence tie practices.

Gauge Chart:

Fence Application Recommended Thickness (Gauge)
Residential Fence 12 GA
Commercial Fence 11 GA
Industrial Fence 9 GA


9 GA ties are commonly used in commercial or industrial applications, as they are thicker and more secure, harder to undo. 11 GA is more commonly used in residential installations, while 12 GA material is often used in temporary or construction site applications.

Length Chart:

Pipe Outside Diameter (in.)

Recommended Length (in.)
1 3/8" to 1 5/8" 6 1/2"
1 7/8" to 2 3/8" 7 1/2" or 8"
2 7/8" 10"
3 1/2" - 4" 12"

*NOTE, it is always recommended to check with customers, authorities, city code/specs, etc. on if any preset standard is set. 



Customer Reviews

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All of the prevent ends were all cracked and broke when you tried to twist them
I ended up throwing them away and buying from Home Depot
Would never buy them again

John Oldham
Fence ties

Have been buying fence supplies here for over a year. Always high quality, and very fast shipping.

John O
Fence ties

Quality product. Works great.

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