Gripple Badger 3 (5/32" Cable Diameter)(sold individually)

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Gripple Anchor (5/32inch Cable) - Badger 3 - 4ft Length


Gripple's Badger 3 Ground Anchors designed for use with Gripple's GPAK3 bracing kits. Ground Anchors in the Badger-3 model use a 5/32inch diameter cable, available in a 4ft length. Anchor kits are made from Stainless Steel Cable, Aluminum Fasteners, and Aluminum Anchors. Each Badger is driven into the ground in a vertical position by using a drive rod. Once buried at the desired depth, pull up on the cable to engage the anchor to engage the anchor into a horizontal position, within the ground. 

Key Product Features:

  • Cable Diameter: 5/32inch 
  • Rust Resistant: YES
  • Manufactured By: Gripple Inc.
  • Country of Origin: Made in England
  • Component: Aluminum and Stainless Steel Cable
  • Common Use: Anchoring End Or Terminal Posts
  • Includes: Badger Anchor, Instructions, and Free Stickers


Video On How-To Use Gripple Badger Anchors:


Customer Reviews

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Jared Christensen
Best $76.20 you'll spend in the entirety of your lifespan.

What kind of weird space age, Mil-Spec polymer is this thing made of? I'll tell ya - The magic kind! I've grippled hundreds of 1/4 inch cables through G6 gripples with this thing, in the rain, sleet, snow, and 130° summer heat. She never falters. Lost her in a ditch one time for a year and a half, only to find it buried in hard mud. Didn't even hose it off, I just tightened 5 miles of fence braces with it, and it cleaned itself. No problem, squeeze her til she clicks! A cougar surprised me one morning in the tree-line and was sizing me up, I threw this thing at it as hard as I could... no problem. Put it in your fence bucket so you don't forget it. I'll admit to using it in a pinch for a hammer on a staple or 2, but wouldn't advise it. I feel that this tool is thousands of dollars under-priced. -JC

Gripple T clips.

Great! worked fine, saved a bit on my fingers again! Will be using more this fall in more fence work. Glad I found this product. Will definitely order again!

John Siegel


Donald Turilli
Gripple Trellis - easy to use!

Made a grid trellis for my jasmine wall and this product couldn't have been easier to use. Extra gripples and eyelets would have been nice, but the ability to do all this without metal wire and special tensioner tools made the project so much easier than expected.

Charles Gelardi
Gripple badger

excellent product

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