Gate Swivel Wheel For Round Pipe Or Tube (Hot Dip Galvanized)

Size: 1-3/8
Sale price$26.63


1 3/8" or 1 5/8" Gate Swivel Wheel


*Hot dip galvanized 6" diameter and includes bolt for mounting

This hot dip galvanized swivel wheel mounts to the vertical member of a round pipe or tube gate or panel, to add support and guidance for the opening. The wheel pivots on in the opening direction. Hot dip galvanized steel and industrial grade rubber with steel rim. This gate swivel wheel is built to handle residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Help guide, relieve, or enforce most chain link swing gates.

Assembly includes:

  • Rubber Wheel 6inch diameter
  • Bracket Assembly Galvanized
  • Nut & Bolt


How do I mount this to my gate?

The front bolt is removed to allow for the, "U," shape to wrap around the outside of the vertical gate member. Once fitted around the tube the bolt is slid back into position and tightened. The tighter the bolt is the more secure it is and less likely there is of any slippage.

Do swivel wheels actually work?

Yes, of course they work! The swivel design allows the wheel to relocate in the proper direction, the direction you open or close the gate. In addition to directing the gates open or close the wheels provide support; they help eliminate sagging and increase the life of hinges.


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