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Barrel Hinge 5" (x2) Hinges

Barrel Hinge 5" (x2) Hinges

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Weldable Steel Ball Bearing Hinges


Barrel Hinges are a standard hinge typing in metal fencing and gate systems. Each hinge includes a ball bearing that allows for a smooth operation as it is opened and closed. The ball bearing is greased from the manufacturer. Each hinge features a grease fitting for quick greasing maintenance. 

Key Product Features:

  • Sold As: Pair of (x2)
  • Heavy Duty Grade, made of hardened steel
  • Weld-able: YES
  • Pin hinge diameter 5/8inch
  • Length 5 inch
  • Width 1 inch
  • Height 1.5 inch
  • Minimum Gate Gap  1.5 inch 
  • Ball bearing Stainless Steel
  • Grease Zerk Fitting YES


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