Gripple Replacement Cam Set For Torq Tool

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Gripple's Replacement Cam Kit For Nylon Torqing Tool (2004-Present)


Replace Gripple Torq Tool Cam head sets with this simple and easy to install Cam Kit. Torq Tool Cam Kit includes:

  • (x1) Spring Clip
  • (x1) Spring
  • (x1) Cam

All parts of this kit are of metal component and designed to fit the 2004-present models of the Gripple Torq Tool 

Video Instructions: How To Replace Gripple Torq Tool Rebuild Cam


Written Instructions: How-To Remove and Replace Cam Sets on Gripple Torq Tool

PART 1 - Remove Original Cam Assembly

Step 1.) Remove the spring clip by using a flat head screw driver and pushing into the spring clip groove.

Step 2.) Pull-off the cam and spring by suppressing the spring tension and wiggling it up the shaft.

Step 3.) Remove the Shaft”

PART 2 - Replace Cam Assembly With New Cam Kit

Step 1.) Insert the shaft into the tool

Step 2.) Partner the Cam and the Spring together, place them on the shaft bolt. Note, how the springs tail will hook onto the nylon tool.

Step 3.) Push the two onto the shaft, and make sure they seat.

Step 4.) Seat Spring Clip onto the shaft, it will hold the spring and cam in position.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Gripple T clips.

Great! worked fine, saved a bit on my fingers again! Will be using more this fall in more fence work. Glad I found this product. Will definitely order again!

John Siegel


Donald Turilli
Gripple Trellis - easy to use!

Made a grid trellis for my jasmine wall and this product couldn't have been easier to use. Extra gripples and eyelets would have been nice, but the ability to do all this without metal wire and special tensioner tools made the project so much easier than expected.

Charles Gelardi
Gripple badger

excellent product

Marion Taijala
great product

The gripple wiring system for our espaliered apple trees was very easy to i stall. so far it is working great and our trees are thriving. Thank you for providing this easy to use and install tree support system. I am impressed indeed!

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