D&D LokkLatch PRO SL LLP1S

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D&D LokkLatch PRO SL - LLP1S


The top-of-the-line LokkLatch PRO.SL offers all the popular features of the other LokkLatch models, with the added security of a 'self-locking' function.

As the latch automatically locks, a key is required to enter and exit, providing an extra dimension of security and making LokkLatch PRO.SL the ideal choice for installation in apartments, condos, commercial and other security-conscious properties. Its dual 6-pin locks can be re-keyed by a locksmith to match most household doors for convenience, while its robust construction and hi-tech engineering ensure LokkLatch PRO.SL will last a lifetime.

Designed to fit posts up to 6" (15cm) in width, installation is quick and easy - the new polymer tail means a single hole drilled through the fence post is all that's needed to install and connect both sides of this security latch system.

Key Features

  • Color: Black
  • Gate Gap: 13-38mm (1/2" - 1 1/2")
  • Security: Key Lockable
  • For: Metal & Wood gates
  • Warranty: Yes


Product Data Sheet

Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty

Fitting Instructions